Children & Youth of the Coming Generation,

Why is it you’re asked to go to your room to study or do your homework?  Why do so many people go to the library to read, or work on projects?  The answer is written on a sign in those libraries… “Quiet Please”.  You see, it’s only when our surroundings become quiet that we’re able to concentrate, and use the intellectual reasoning God gives us; because He created us in His own image.

What a noisy world we live in, today.  It is practically impossible to go anywhere that’s quiet, because we’re able to take our electronic devices with us wherever we go.  So in order to truly find a quiet place, we need to exercise discipline; and just turn those external ‘vices’ off.  In verse 10 of the 46th Psalm God says, “Be still and know that I am God.  I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!”  We’re reminded of this as God’s people.  Today, God’s people are The Church; a place where we remember to ‘be still’, and dwell among one another in peace.  But the noise of the world is slowly making its way into the church, and I fear that noise will divide God’s people; unless we can remember to turn it off.

Why is it so noisy?  Because the world is influenced by Satan; but the Church is to be influenced by God’s Word.  Romans 12:2 says we are not to conform to this world.  So when you see the world turning itself upside down over some crusade, the church ‘probably’ shouldn’t follow the world; allowing itself to be turned upside down along with it.  To do so is to conform to the world.

Matthew 13:22  As for what was sown among thorns, this is the one who hears the word, but the cares of the world and the deceitfulness of riches choke the word, and it proves unfruitful. 

As you mature into an adult, it’s important that you learn how to shut out the noise.  A good place to start is by understanding that the noise of the world is intended to instill fear, while deceiving and distracting us from the truth.  Even people we love, respect, and admire can sometimes be deceived.  This isn’t to their discredit, and we are not to dismiss them in any way.  Even when their feelings arise from a false narrative (the noise), we still need to be empathetic and understanding that their feelings are real.  Philippians 2:3-4 tells us that we are to consider the concerns of others more important than our own concerns; this means even when we don’t always agree with them.

So, why have I written you this letter?  One concern of mine is a concern of greater importance than that of the misguided. My concern is for the next generation; our youth… you.  Adults may wail and bounce off padded walls, and that’s okay; they’re adults, and with empathy we try to comfort them.  But when I begin to notice how the noise of the world can start influencing the youth of the church, it’s hard to sit by and say nothing.

I would like to comment on a couple of points with you.  First, man’s justice is not God’s justice, because man cannot know the hearts and minds of a person; only God can.  The police office, recently convicted, deserves punishment under man’s law, because he betrayed the public trust and displayed a wanton disregard for human life, period -the end; regardless of anyone’s skin color.  Secondly, we should be unapologetic in our thankfulness for all of the individuals who played a civic role in the outcome of this trial; regardless if they were male or female, come from different backgrounds, or have a different skin color.  Let’s pray God’s gift of reason prevailed through their decision process; and not fear of the mob.

Never forget that you are just as God made you.  The Family Unit, The Sexes (male & female), and Race are each a sacred gift from God.  But through the noise, Satan is exploiting the misuse of these sacred gifts to draw the world further and further away from God.  How can Satan do this? Because evil dwells in the hearts and minds of men.  As long as there is more than one sex, there will be sexism – and as long as there is more than one race, there will be racism; each of these reside in the minds of men, because evil resides in the hearts of men.  The noise is there to ensure that we, as a people, keep those ‘isms’ at the forefront of our minds; keeping the evil alive, loud, and clear.

But as Christians we are to renew our minds, and not allow these ‘isms’ to manifest themselves into worldly concerns, nor the mistreatment of others.  Equally so, we need to ignore the noise of the world, while discovering the true existence and origins of those who are truly suffering.  Only then will the church be successful in helping and impacting their lives. Perhaps this video can help offer some clarity and perspective for you.  I’ve edited it to try make it suitable for all viewers.  I hope it finds you open-minded; and I hope you find it enlightening.

Your Brother in Christ,
Kevin Fraley

Cogito, ergo sum. – I think, therefore I am. (René Descartes)

I think _________, therefore I am _________. (Kevin Fraley)


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