Who We Are

Who We Are


Hampton Roads Church of Christ seeks to make and mature disciples of Jesus as we work to reach our community through connecting with God and His family, growing spiritually, and serving others.


Hampton Roads Church of Christ is an independent, non-denominational body of believers in Jesus Christ, striving to live out the Christian life described in the New Testament.  We are made up of Regions located throughout Hampton Roads, Virginia.

We are a self-governing congregation of believers; guided by Elders, and serving one another with the support and leadership of evangelists & deacons, along with their wives – volunteer ministry coordinators, and a full-time ministry staff.  We are financially supported by the free-will gifts and offerings of our members.


Being a transient college and military locality, our area-wide membership is around 800, spread across our different regions.  We are comprised of a wide spectrum of demographic backgrounds reflective of Hampton Roads, Virginia. “Membership” denotes all baptized followers of Jesus Christ who have indicated to our Elders their desire to actively participate in the life, work, and worship of the Hampton Roads church family.

In addition, a large number of guests and attendees, not yet placing membership, continue to participate in our fellowship of our church.


In religious terms, we are theologically conservative and accept the bible as the complete, inspired will of God revealed to humans by the work of the Holy Spirit.  As such, the scriptures are our exclusive source of authority in determining our beliefs, mission, and practices as individual Christians and as a congregation.

Specifically, the New Testament serves as our source of teaching and authority for the pursuit and practice of the discipleship life Christ calls us to.  Here, we not only find the teachings of Jesus Himself, but also the meaning and purpose of His incarnation, life, ministry, death, burial, and resurrection.  Through this, we believe Jesus Christ is the Supreme Authority, both as Savior and Lord, and as Head of His church.

The New Testament is where we discover the Old Testament finding its proper fulfillment and value in the life of believers, and the Church as a whole.  This reveals our identity, purpose, and destiny as a church; that we are to be representative of Jesus Christ, Himself, to the world.

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Each Sunday we are called together, as one people, to fellowship in worship to God; that we might remain strong in the faith to continue our spiritual worship throughout the week. (Hebrews 10:25, Romans 12:1-2).

We meet Sundays and Wednesdays, as well as at other times in a variety of settings, for worship, fellowship, and bible study; we are led and supported by capable and dedicated Christian brothers and sisters.  Our organizational style, both in worship and church government, is congregational.  There is no distinction of clergy and laity, as we all co-equally comprise the spiritual body of Christ.

Our worship includes singing, prayer, weekly participation in the Lord’s supper (communion), teaching from scripture, giving, and periods of interactive fellowship.  We join together in song both “a cappella” and with instrument accompaniment (as the apostle Paul directs us to the book of Psalms).

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We believe that sin separates us from God, and that salvation from sin comes completely by the grace of God; offered through the perfect once-for-all sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross.  We believe the only proper and biblical response to His gift is the surrender of our will in obedience to Jesus Christ, as Lord.

In accepting Jesus as God’s Son, we repent of a sinful lifestyle, openly acknowledge Christ as Savior and Lord, and are immersed in water baptism for the forgiveness of sin.  This results in our spiritual re-birth and receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit, that we may pursue a life of discipleship that reveals the very nature of Jesus.

The Holy Spirit serves to support and guide us in the character of Jesus to this end; that our mutual love, support, and accountability as fellow Christians serve to infuse our lives with practices that aid in our personal walk with God, the Father.